Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Collaboration - 3191 meets December Daily

There are two parts to this post. I'm so excited but I'll try to keep focused.

First, are you familiar with the 3191 project? What do you know about December Daily? Go ahead, click the links and check them out. Or, if you're already familiar we'll speed ahead. I've been loving these projects since they started waaaay back when. I started thinking what if 3191 and December daily met under the mistletoe and one thing lead to another...and they had a little collaboration of their own (awww).

Moving on. Part two is that Lovely.Little.Laughter and I are not going to be together for Christmas this year. Boo! So I was talking to her and she was talking to me and we were both probably talking at the same time...
What about a little Christmas collaboration? A little I'm thinking of you and you're thinking of me and here's what we're up to. So we are going to give it a try. No promises of peaceful morning scenes or creative packaging but we'll try for two pictures every day, documenting December 2011. Starting tomorrow we'll both be posting our photo diptych on both blogs. You can check it out at either blog. We'll both be doing our regular posting as well so check in for all the other stuff we're up to during December.

Let the merry begin!

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