Monday, December 5, 2011

So many fun Christmas crafts with kids

Even though I don't have any kiddos of my own, little projects I could do with my nieces catch my eye. Here's a round up of what we'd be working on if we weren't so far apart.

{No1} Use a little construction paper and some chocolate candy to make a bible. Write your favorite verse. {No2} Peanut snowmen made with paint, thread and a marker. Maybe a little glue to hang it. {No3} Popcycle stick (or throat depressors) angels. {No4} A little wreath made from a washer and beads. Use it as an ornament or glue a pin on the back and wear it. {No5} Have the kids make a handprint on a small canvas, box or even a round ornament. Let the kids draw or paint the snowman accessories on the fingers. {No6} Snow garlands. Use string or fishing line and thread cotton balls to the desired length. {No7} Donuts for the elves on Christmas eve! Ice some cheerios and add sprinkles. So cute! Now Santa won't snack alone. {No8} Write to Santa and get a Northpole postmark through the US Postal Service. {No9} Pinecone trees decorated with pom poms.

Click on any of the projects in the list to see where I spotted this idea, to make the image larger or get more information. Happy crafting!


  1. Aww.. What you said made me miss my nieces! I don't have my own kiddos too. They were my babies! I miss them so much!

    This is such a neat activity! Thanks for stopping by :) Happy to know you liked my little project!

    Now a follower :)

    all the blessings

  2. We've gotta do #9 up in Casa de Fog. Hopefully it will work with Elmer's glue because G's last adventure with the glue gun DID NOT go so well. Shocker, I know. I'm a wonderful mother. Whatever.

  3. Those peanut snowmen are adorable! I need some snowmen for my totally handcrafted tree challenge- those have me thinking!



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