Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just for fun...Caboodle

I was getting out some of my sewing stuff and thought it might be fun to show off my old Caboodle.

I think I got this for Christmas in the early nineties. They were a must have item that year with all my friends. I was barely a teenager and just getting to try make up. In fact, I got some of my first "real" make up that year. I seem to remember blue mascara being involved... Anyway I was also still young enough to get American Girl doll stuff too. I actually used the Caboodle as a suitcase to take the doll stuff to a friends house to show off new doll clothes. Did everybody have that stage in life when they wanted to be grown up and wear make up but also still wanted to play dolls too?

A year or two ago, I rediscovered it and moved in my sewing stuff. Besides a little fading and the tip of the latch breaking off, it is still the same multi-use item I got 20+ years ago.

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