Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm a Fact Junkie

Growing up I had a teacher that would throw out the odd fact here and there, followed by the sing song "Fun Facts to Know and Tell!" (Does it make it any better to know that she was a history teacher and coach for our Knowledge Bowl team?)

I didn't need her enthusiasm to convince me that facts were fun. I'm not all that great at memorization but it never stopped me from wanting to know. You can tell me but I'll forget (especially if there are numbers involved) in less time than I care to admit. But that is why it is a great time for Fact Junkies to be alive. Google loves me. I love Google. Yes my friends it is a good time to be alive.

I love to know about places and think about travel. So here's some random facts:

The 3 largest countries by land mass are Russia, Canada, China. (The US is fourth.)

The 3 largest countries by population are China (1.3 billion), India (just under 1.1 billion) and the US (295 million - is this right? wow).
The language with the most native speakers is Mandarin Chinese (over a billion peeps!). English and Hindi follow with around five million each (half as much!).

I checked around but here's where I found these facts.

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