Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ideas for my Walls

When you enter my house from the garage, you are in a tiny hallway. It leads to the 1/2 guest bath, the only one on the 1st floor. It is angled to allow for a walk in pantry and small-ish coat closet. You can see part of it from the open area kitchen/living/dining room.

In theory it isn't the first thing I'd think of improving in my home. But it gets a lot of use since it is how we usually enter the house and since guests must use it to access the 1/2 bath. It needs to be repainted in a bad, bad way. It is dirty and dented from all the use (and we've only been here 3 years!). I was going to repaint it with an eggshell finish paint to make clean up easier. After looking at pinterest I got the idea it needed something else. I think moulding would add interest and if I used wood backing, as opposed to faking it with only trim, it would add some dent protection. Painting it in high gloss to match the rest of the trim would also allow for easy clean up. Now I just need to pick out what look to go for...

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