Saturday, October 15, 2011

I am on a mission.

It is about organization and saving money and time.

Since we've moved into this house, I've have a lot more space. It is probably more than we need (can you believe I just said that!?). I appreciate having this flexibility but instead of making good use of it, I've just let things go where they may because I didn't have to worry about it.

I've noticed that 1)I make too many trips to the store (time) and every time I go, I buy stuff I didn't plan to buy (money). Of course there's the random snack I get tempted by but usually it is because I think we need something but I'm not sure. I noticed this first with items like shampoo, cotton balls and lotion. That stuff can really add up even when you're buying generic. Even though we have a large bathroom, we don't actually have much storage in or near the room. So I have stuff here, there and everywhere. I run out unexpectedly (and make an unplanned trip to the store) or I buy something and then realize a week later I already had two.

After I started thinking about this, I realized this is sort of happening in kitchen/pantry area too. We are doing pretty well about eating at home most days and taking our lunch to work. I want it to be a simple and affordable situation. But some times it is frustrating because we don't have a plan and then don't have some ingredient we need. I have plenty of space in this area but I think its usefulness could be improved. I have a walk-in pantry but it has wire shelves and I have to be careful not to load them up too much.


I've also been thinking about simplifying. I'm not sure it will seem simple to a minimalist but I need it to be simple for me. Right now I'm pondering. I'm checking the interwebs. I'm thinking about what I really want before I do anything major. I'm even thinking about some stuff I've learned at work. Hmm, more to come...

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