Thursday, September 29, 2011


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I saw this necklace and it reminded me.

I didn't actually honeymoon in Hawaii but we've been twice. I am planning a third trip after Christmas. (As in right now I am planning the trip in another tab!) I never expected to love it so much, to have a place so immediately seem like part of me. Little things will suddenly transport me there and I'll feel calm. Before I went I'd have told you it was too touristy, too kitsch. My other travel experiences should have taught me not to presume. When we went back the 2nd time I feared it wouldn't live up to our 1st experience. I had nothing to worry about. It was all of that and something more because we knew more about our surroundings. We still found new things and had new experiences but what we enjoyed most was having the same great experience a 2nd time. Hopefully our 3rd trip won't let us down.

We love Kauai and plan to return on the coming trip. We stay on the south shore but have been all over the island and each place has its great spots. We've been to the Big Island and had a lot of fun. It is so diverse and of course there is more area to cover there. I just can't get over the variation from one natural wonder to another. We've also been briefly to Honolulu which is a totally different experience. Perhaps a few too many people, too big city for more than a brief stay for me. We are planning to go to Maui on this trip so I'll have to report back after our trip.

This tree tunnel always tells me we're almost there!

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