Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Evening

One of the best parts of summer is undeniably the long evenings. Here's a recap of how we spent the longest evening of the year.

T made meatloaf {his own recipe} and we had corn on the cob. Delish!

After dinner, we decided an evening drive was in order. We took off to the North into the most gorgeous light. Not too far past where we live there are big open rolling fields, still green despite the hot wind that keeps blowing. Between the high places, thick stands of trees line rocky creeks. We were winding along on two lane blacktop, watching the sun alternately go hazy behind a bank of full storm clouds or shoot piercing gold rays as it peeked around. I was too caught up in the light to actually take any pictures of course!

By the time I thought to pull out my iphone the light had changed again and we were looking directlly at a boiling barrier of storm clouds hiding the sun. Our longest evening seemed like it might not go the distance. I still managed to take a few shots near Smithville Lake. We stopped for ice cream and sweet tea on the ride home.

It has been windy {and hot} here for many days. When we arrived home, I went immediately to the backyard and started watering the tomatoes and the flowers in pots on my deck. Both are doing ok so far but require near daily water due to the heat and wind and lack of shade. While I was out in the yard I discovered that about a handful of my red raspberries were ripe. No photos of those either because I ate them straight away!

As I write this thunder and lightning are putting on a rain show. We needed it soooo much. I hope it is enough to soak into the ground and make a difference.

Well that's my Wednesday summer evening. How was yours?


  1. Thanks for commenting on my Prius post so I could find your blog! Love it!
    Don't you just love summer evenings? We need rain like that soooo badly right now. Doesn't look like any is coming though :(

  2. Sounds like a great evening. My husband and I are actually planning to make meatloaf today. I was never a big fan of meatloaf until I had his recipe. It's really good.

    I love joy riding for fun. Here we go on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is such a lovely drive, especially when the leaves are changing in the fall... can't wait.

    Ice cream and sweet tea sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the longest evening of the year.

    What a lovely drive... :)



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